Senior Technical Support Analyst

We're looking for a key member of the operations optimisation team who will ensure the smooth running of our clients' software systems. You will use your strong technical analysis skills and work alongside software developers and DevOps engineers to institute a continuous improvement programme for each product under support.

This role includes:

  • Triaging support issues in real time and quickly verifying the symptoms, impact and responsibility for further investigation
  • Monitoring the progress of support issues to ensure the team is meeting service level agreements with customers
  • Communicating incident status updates to customers
  • Performing root cause analysis for system issues, including analysing server, network and application logs and monitoring tools
  • Running system tests or other procedures alongside development teams to verify any new software releases are production-ready and supportable
  • Ensuring the completion of incident reports and orchestrating input from developers, engineers and analysts as required, including ensuring improvements in testing and monitoring have been included to prevent incident repetition
  • Setting expectations for system documentation and reviewing against those expectations as a part of the hand over to support process
  • Analysing supported systems for potential issues and opportunities to optimise the system in order to prevent incidents