Open Position:

Senior Technical Support Analyst


We are looking for a capable individual to join our team as an Senior Technical Support Analyst. 


You will be a key member of the Operations Optimisation Team who ensure the smooth running of our clients' software systems. You will use your strong technical analysis skills and attention to detail, and will work alongside senior software developers and DevOps engineers to institute a continuous improvement programme for each product under support.


You'll triage support issues in real-time and will verify symptoms, impact and responsibility for further investigation. You'll then monitor their progress, and communicate incident status updates to clients. You'll ensure the completion of incident reports and will orchestrate input from developers, engineers and analysts as required, also ensuring improvements in testing and monitoring have been included in incident reports to prevent incident repetition. You'll set expectations for system documentation and reviewing against those expectations. You'll be confident conversing with technical and non-technical team members and customers.


Performing root cause analysis for system issues will be something you're good at, including analysing server, network and application logs and monitoring tools. You'll run system tests or other procedures alongside development teams to verify any new software releases are production-ready and supportable.


To ace this role, you'll have a passion for continuous improvement and proactively finding ways to help the team build systems that are robust and reliable. You'll have a curiosity for learning new technologies and techniques, and will have a deep desire to ensure continuing value in the software systems we provide.


Other Requirements:

  • Proven experience in systems analysis and technical support for 24 x 7 production environments

  • Familiarity with support ticketing software such as Zendesk and backlog management software such as JIRA

  • Familiarity with Linux shell and Windows command line or Powershell

  • Confidence in working with log files, including the use of simple tools to scan and find problems

  • Understanding of basic system architectures and principles of networking to be able to determine the presence of network nodes

  • Experience with system and application monitoring tools such as New Relic and built-in tools from cloud providers

  • Some familiarity with Azure or AWS (preferably both) would be an advantage



About Propellerhead

Propellerhead delivers a portfolio of software solutions to commercial, non-profit and governmental clients across a range of technologies.

Our clients include New Zealand's largest government transport entity - Auckland Transport; the governing body of rugby union - New Zealand Rugby; one of the largest telcos - Spark; our national postal service - New Zealand Post; and the Ministry of Education, Dimension GRC, Auckland Museum and ESR.

We pride ourselves on our attraction of interesting, meaningful work, our highly capable team, and our carefully thought-out company environment.



Company Benefits

  • Interesting, varied projects for big clients

  • World-class team

  • Equal opportunity workplace, free from discrimination

  • A culture of collaboration and flexibility

  • Plenty of office perks and beautifully designed, comfortable offices in the heart of Auckland



About New Zealand

So you’re thinking about moving to New Zealand? You've definitely picked a great country to settle in. We offer an excellent work/life balance, thriving tech scene, and some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet.

New Zealand is ranked third in the world for best country to live and work in by the HSBC Expat Explorer survey, first in the world on the latest Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), and greatest country on Earth in the latest Telegraph Travel Awards.

Propellerhead has also recently become accredited with Immigration New Zealand, giving people access to the Talent Work Visa. These visas are easier and faster to get, and are a direct path to residency. We’re interviewing candidates in Europe in 2019 who may want to move to New Zealand and work for us.


More about Propellerhead and New Zealand >>

Our offices are based in Auckland, New Zealand.  Read more about Propellerhead and New Zealand here >>

Our offices are based in Auckland, New Zealand. Read more about Propellerhead and New Zealand here >>


Please Note:

Accredited Employer:

We have recently become an Accredited Employer with Immigration New Zealand. This means that if you’re not from New Zealand and want to move here and work for us, you can apply for the Talent Work Visa. These visas are easier to get, are often much faster, and are a direct path to residency.


In-Person Interview in Europe or New Zealand

We are holding in-person interviews in Europe in 2019, and if your application is successful, we will require you to travel during that time to meet with us. This will be the final stage in your interview process, and if selected, you'll receive an offer from us shortly after your interview. You also have the opportunity to meet us in New Zealand, if you'd prefer that.


Cover Letter

It's critically important that you submit a cover letter with your application - we cannot progress your application without one. It needs to be at least 200 words, and is your chance to tell us more about who you are and what you value. This is very important to us.


Moving to New Zealand

We’ve collated information about Propellerhead and moving to New Zealand here